Corporate Groups & Outfitters

Corporate & Large Ranch Hunting Operations

We specialize in catering to the needs of corporate group hunts, outfitters, and large ranch hunting operations. We accept meat throughout the year for processing and ship meat & mounts across the USA weekly.

We value every customer that comes through our door at Trophy Buck. While the everyday hunter who lives locally and hunts on personal property or a lease will always be the foundation of our business, we realize that the hunting industry in South Texas has shifted towards corporate and paid trophy hunts for hunters who live elsewhere across Texas and the United States. It is because of this that we have shifted portions of our business to cater to the needs of ranches and outfitters that service these clients as well as to the needs of the clients themselves. Below are some of the things that we believe set us apart from our competition:


  • We firmly believe our facility’s location on Interstate 35 and the fact that we are a one-stop shop for both meat processing & taxidermy establishes a convenience factor for ranches and clients to drop work off and get right back on the highway to head home or back to the ranch.
  • We offer our services in picking up volume work from ranches using our trucks & enclosed trailer in the event the ranch or client does not have the time or ability to get the work to us.
  • Custom-made ranch cards are available to ranches for their clients to fill out and zip tie to the animal with contact info and meat processing instructions on one side and taxidermy instructions on the other side. This eliminates headaches for the ranch managers and guides by keeping them from being the middle man between us and the client
  • FREE sample boxes of meat with a wide variety of products available to New/First-Time Ranches and Outfitters as well as Returning Ranches and Outfitters who have prospective new clientele hunting with them.
  • Styrofoam insulated cardboard boxes for meat to be shipped across the state and throughout the United States via UPS Ground and Air services.
  • Custom built crates to secure trophies and ship them via Ground or Freight to the clients home or business

Come by and see us at Trophy Buck and let us provide you with a level of service you will not experience anywhere else in South Texas!

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