Custom Exempt Livestock Processing

At Trophy Buck Livestock Processing, we offer custom exempt slaughtering and processing for beef, hogs, lambs, and goats. Our experienced butchers will humanely slaughter your animal and process it into high quality cuts & finished products to feed your family

Schedule a Drop Off at (210) 656-4263 or (830) 709-4263

Any animals you would like to be slaughtered & processed will need to have a slaughter date scheduled. We are only able to process a certain quantity of animals each week and spots book up fast so please call us to schedule an appointment to drop off your animals.  We will need to know the type and quantity of animals being dropped off ahead of time as well as if you’d like us to age the meat for any period of time up to 21 days.


Any animal that is scheduled for drop off and is cancelled less than a week prior to the scheduled drop off date will incur a cancellation fee of $350 for each head of cattle and $200 for each hog.


Please note: In preparation of deer season, we will stop accepting animals for slaughter after the second week of October. We will resume accepting animals for slaughter again around the second week of February.

If the animal being processed needs to be split between separate individuals, we will need contact and processing info for both parties at the time of drop off. We will box all finished products separately with names on the outside of the boxes to make it easy for you at pick up.